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What is a convention?

Conventions are public events which usually take place on two days. Those events are centered around a theme: a tv show, a movie, a saga…

The attendees will get to meet their favorite stars, attend Q&A panels, have access to autograph sessions and even be photographed with their favorite actor or actress by a professional photographer. They will also have access to the hall where there will be artists, creators, and authors, always in relation to the theme.

What all Passes include

Opening Ceremony

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the event is finally starting! The opening ceremony begins with an introductory video on the theme of the event which will help immerse you into the world you’re passionate about, just a few minutes before you meet the actors you’ve eagerly waited for! Once on stage, each guest will say a few words to welcome you before joining you at the various activities later.

A reserved place in the Main Hall

Once at the event site, you will line up for registration (on the Friday preceding the event or on Saturday morning) and receive your Pass for the weekend as well as a wristband, which you’ll have to keep for the entire the event. Your reserved seat number will be on this wristband. This seat will be yours for the whole week-end. The earlier you bought your Pass the closer to the stage you’ll be seated. Included with your Pass is an A3 exclusive poster created for the event.

Access to the question and answer (Q&A) panels between fans and actors

During the weekend, each guest will participate in at least one panel. They will join you in the Main Hall, on stage, to answer all your questions. This is a time when the participants can ask questions, in turn, to the actors about their careers, their projects, their tastes or their characters. Each panel lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, and a translator will be present to translate (if needed) your questions and the guests’ answers.

Fan Quiz

This activity is yours! Participants get to ask questions to each other to test their knowledge about the series/movie/saga of the event. Both the person who asks the question and the person who guesses the answer gets a prize. Depending on the difficulty of the questions, you will win more or less important prizes.

Cosplay Contest

You, too, can slip into the shoes of your favourite characters! The Cosplay contest will be open to all. You will parade on stage and even get to improvise a little number if you want to. A jury will deliberate and announce the three winners (who will all get a prizes)! 

Closing Ceremony

As much as we’d like for the conventions to last forever, everything eventually comes to an end. The Closing Ceremony, as the name suggests it, brings the event to a close. It’s the time to say goodbye, for you as well as for the guests, who will take to the stage to say a few words before leaving.

In relation to the theme of the event, every attendee will have access to other activities, such as Q&A sessions with the French voice actors of your favourite guests, make-up stands, charities booths…

Description of the extras

An extra is a supplement that you can add to your Access Pass. For each extra, you will be called by our staff row by row. Your Pass category and your row number both determine your order of passage.

The photo’ops

It’s a unique moment, where you will join your favourite actors in one of our photo studios. You will get to pose with the actors in front of a professional photographer. Your photo(s) will be printed and made available to you later in the day.

– « Solo » Photo’ops are photos taken in the company of one guest. A ticket for a Solo Photo’op only allows you to pose alone with this guest. If you wish to be two, you will need two tickets.
– « Duo », « Trio » or « Group » Photo’ops are photos taken in the company of several actors: two (duo), three (trio) or more (group). A ticket for a ” Duo “, ” Trio ” or ” Group ” Photo’op allows you to be up to two people in the photo using only one ticket.


This extra gives you access to the actors’ autographs. An autograph ticket gives you the right for one autograph. If you want several autographs from the same guest, you’ll need to buy that same amount of tickets.
The autograph media which you can get signed is regulated: only official products (books, DVDs…), photo’ops taken during the event, photo supports available during the event, or the free A3 poster are allowed. Printed photos, photos taken at other events, or magazine posters are not.
During the autograph sessions you can also exchange a few words with your favorite actors, give them gifts, fanbooks, etc. A translator will always be at the side of each guest so that you can communicate easily if you don’t speak English.

The meeting rooms

Convivial and very privileged, the meetings are available in very limited quantities (10 to 20 tickets per meeting room). You’ll get to learn more about the actor and chat with him/her. The moment lasts 30 minutes and you will be invited to come and sit in a small private lounge.
A translator will be present to facilitate the dialogue.
A souvenir group photo of this special moment can be taken (if possible, depending on the availability of our photographers). 

The Private Session

This is an exclusive moment (limited to 20 attendees) you share with all the guests. The Private Session works like a meeting-room but all the guests are here and, most of all, you can take selfies with each and everyone of them. This is THE moment when you can talk, share and take pictures with the actors… What an incredible experience! Minimum duration: 30 minutes.

The Aperitif

Have you ever dreamed of toasting with your favourite cast? This extra is made for you! This is an unforgettable moment to share with all the guests. You’ll get to have a little chat with the actors and share a glass of champagne. A souvenir photo with all the guests and the attendees will be taken at the end of the Aperitif. 

The Themed Party

The party takes place on Saturday evening, in attendance of the guests, who go from table to table to spend a few minutes with you and get to know you. At the beginning of the evening, you will share a picture with all the present guests and the other attendees sitting at your table (one photo per table). A self-service buffet made by a caterer is included.

The Karaoke

This extra is most of the time hosted by one of the guest. It takes place either on Friday or Saturday evening. It gives you the opportunity to perform your favourite songs with the other attendees but most of all with at least one of the guests!

The Concert

Most of the time, the concert is held on Saturday evening, with at least one of the guests and a limited number of attendees. It is a time for you to share a magical moment which will for sure stay engraved in your memory.