3 Announcements for the Darklight Con 3 !

Good evening, we have the pleasure to announce our 3rd, 4th and 5th guests for the DLC3, Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr!

So R2M will attend once again, as they were for the first edition! Richard were really disappointed not to have been able to attend last year, so he is making it up to you this year!

Matt and Rob are looking forward to come back this year, you will also be able to enjoy their presence for the karaoke on Friday night and for Rob’s concert on Saturday after the party!

Matt, Rob and Richard are included guests, you can find their extras as well as the karaoke and the concert on the ticketing!

Don’t hesitate to join the official Facebook group and do not ever miss any info!

See you in 30 minutes for the next two guests!