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Terms of sale

We ask you to read the terms and conditions detailed below, which apply to all conventions and fanmeets organized by People Conventions. Buying a Pass means you agree to these terms and will respect these conditions.


You must have an access PASS to access the event as well as to buy and access Extras. You are not allowed to buy photo’op tickets, autographs, party tickets or meeting rooms, without having previously purchased a Pass.

When purchasing a Pass, you must provide us with the participants’ names. As soon as the order as been placed, the names are entered in the database and tickets become nominative and cannot be modified. Only the original ticket holder whose names appears on the ticket can use it. The ticket will be lost if presented by another person. There are no exceptions to this rule. Unless otherwise stated, the access pass are collected at the site of the event on the day of or on the day before the convention.

An identity card will be required as well as the receipt(s) or your purchase(s), which you will have received by email.  You will then get you Pass and your wristband given to you in exchange. Without these documents, you will not have access to the convention. Wearing the wristband / pass is required during ALL the convention. You will have to present it to the staff to access the convention center.

The absence of the wristband / pass or the refusal to present them may prevent you from accessing the event. Groups tickets will be provided to the person designated on the purchase upon presentation of all identity documents of participants of said group. Tickets are not refundable, editable or exchangeable. Resale is PROHIBITED.

You will find your assigned seat number written on your wristband. It will tell you where to sit in the great hall for the panels and other activities. We ask you to respect this seating plan.

In case the event is postponed, tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates announced. If you cannot attend the convention at that date, you will be invited to contact us. In case the event is cancelled, tickets will be refunded. 

If you have to cancel your attendance at the event, no refund will be possible. There is no exception.

The presence of guests is contractual, due to work commitments or other circumstances forcing them to cancel their presence will not be grounds for a refund of the Pass. We will do everything possible if this is the case to replace him/her with a new guest. In this case, the extras bought will be changed for those of another guest of your choice. For the extras included in the passes, they will be replaced by the new guest’s.

Do not base your participation on a single guest; it is clear that if he/she were to cancel his/her presence, it would not result in any possible refund of the Pass.

PEOPLE CONVENTIONS reserves the right to change the dates and place of the event for a maximum of guests presence.

Minors under 18 must fill in the official People Conventions parental consent form as well as present us with a copy of the ID of one of their parents. Minors under 12 must also be accompanied with an adult with a Pass of their own. Children under 3 are not allowed.

If you buy a 2 days pass but can only attend one day, we cannot guarantee you will be able to do all your extras as the schedule is spread over 2 days with a passage order.

Regarding online events, we cannot be held responsible for any delays, technical problems or bad connections on your part. No refund will be made under these circumstances.

Force Majeure

PEOPLE CONVENTIONS will not be held accountable in case of non-observance of the present terms and conditions if due to force majeure, including but not limited to fires, storms, explosions, floods, or any other natural disasters, government decisions, shortages of goods, strikes, pandemics, transportation disruptions, accidents as well as road, railway, aerial and maritime incidents, bad weather conditions in case of an outside event, as well as damages, defaults or delays from one or more providers, telecommunications breakdown, Internet breakdown, etc.

If one of these specific cases occur, the client will still be asked to pay in full. However, the client is free to purchase a cancellation insurance from the insurance company of their choice which will cover the financial losses and/or the additional costs which remain at the client’s charge in case of one of the previously listed events. 

Children from 3 to 5

Children from 3 to 5 can attend the event for free, provided that a member of his family stays with him/her at all times. The child will be allowed to accompany their parents for some of the activities. For instance, he/she can join you on your duo/trio/group pictures. But for solo photoshoots, autographs, the party, the child will need to have his/her own extra tickets.


The places are assigned at the full payment of your pass, in the order of purchase. Several areas are put in place and, according to your pass, a row and a seat will be assigned to you. You can exchange your seat, but only in the same category and same row. Any exchange that is not made by mutual agreement and that may affect the event can lead to a ban. 

Travel costs, accommodation costs are the participant’s to pay. In case of postponement, change of location, or cancellation PEOPLE CONVENTIONS does not refund extra expenses.

Image rights

By attending an event of PEOPLE CONVENTIONS, you agree to give all personal or property rights to your image, which could appear on pictures or video recordings that PEOPLE CONVENTIONS could use for advertising or commercial purposes. 


Cameras are not allowed during the event unless you respect the following conditions:

  • Time when filming is allowed
  • Use only compact digital camera
  • The use of flash is permitted only during the first 5 minutes  
  • No cameras with a lens over 18-55 mm

Non-respect of these conditions may result in a immediate ban of the convention without refund.

Autographs and Photoshoots

Once all guests are announced, we will send you an email so you can choose the photos and/or the autographs included in your pass. Caution: there is a limited quantity of each by actor. We follow the order of purchase. First to buy, first to choose. Autographs and photoshoots prices are listed on the website of the convention and sold online only to participants with a pass.

PEOPLE CONVENTIONS cannot be held responsible if an extra is lost because the participant does not present himself/herself when called. Access to the meeting-rooms, evening cocktail, private sessions, can only be sold to participants with a Pass as well.

PEOPLE CONVENTIONS is not responsible for the outcome of the photoshoot (eyes closed…). Please note that these extras are limited. 

Photos and videos recording

It is strictly forbidden to make video recordings during the Q&A’s.

It is also strictly forbidden to take pictures and video recordings during autograph sessions and photoshoots (including using mobile phone, camera , etc) as well as during the meeting-room , cocktail party , VIP dinner, under penalty of immediate expulsion without refund. 


No gifts may be given to guests during the Q & A’s and Photoshoots. Only during autographs. 


The ticketing accepts all payments by credit card (visa, mastercard). If you wish to pay by bank transfer or stagger the paiements, please contact us. (In this latter case, the Pass will be assigned to you only after full payment and your seat will be registered at that time).

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems or if you have more questions.

Rights of withdrawal

The client has the possibility to book tickets online. The legislation concerning distance selling allows for a 14 days period of withdrawal, except for certain cases as stated in article L.221-28 of the French consumer code. 

Leisure services provided at a given date or period of time such as the ones provided by PEOPLE CONVENTIONS fall under these exceptions. 

Therefore, the client cannot use their right of withdrawal, as stated in article L.221-28.


  • PEOPLE CONVENTIONS, reserves the right to make any changes to the event due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.
  • The planner and the site manager cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage during the convention. 
  • The schedule of the agreement may be modified at any time or suffer cancellations. PEOPLE CONVENTIONS is not responsible for these changes related to the unavailability of the actors or on their agent’s demands. Therefore, no refund will be possible.
  • We strive for the website to work correctly. PEOPLE CONVENTIONS will not be responsible if the website is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues which are beyond our control.