Ashley Greene is coming at the Spooky Con!

Good evening everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Ashley Greene will be joining us at Spooky Con! This unique event will happen exclusively online on November 1st. Ashley is known to have played Alice Cullen in Twilight and she’ll be joining Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) for Halloween!

We’re even more delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting a 20 minutes “reunion” panel on November 1st with both Peter and Ashley! We have decided to make this panel free for EVERYONE, to allow each and everyone of you to take part in it. However, this panel won’t be as interactive as the two individual ones: your webcams will remain off the entire time and questions will be chosen beforehand. We’ll post a direct link for the activity on Friday evening, so stick around! Careful: tickets will be available in very limited quantities!

We are currently working on inviting others guests that fit this event’s theme, but nothing certain at the moment. We really wanted to give you the opportunity to meet the cast of Twilight, and these two guests didn’t hesitate one second before agreeing to join us for this experience.

We wish you all a great evening,

The People Convention Team