BTTR: News & Guest announcements !

Good evening, we are glad to announce our 5th and 6th guests, Antwon Tanner and Stephen Coletti!

Antwon expressed his desire to attend this convention many times, he even offered to do a basketball initiation for you during the weekend!

Stephen joined the rest of the cast last minute and he is impatient to be at the convention!

Antwon and Stephen are included guests, you can find their extras on limited quantity on the ticketing.

While we were trying to find a replacement for Chad we had several refusal because of filming and unavailability. So we are working with Chad, instead of replacing him with guests that are not equivalent, in order to organise a fanmeet during the second or third weekend of December. The entrance will be at €25. For people having extras with Chad at BTTR, you can keep your extras and the entrance will be offered for free. People who aren’t available will, of course, be refunded before the convention. All of the informations will be given before the Back To The Rivercourt convention.

Latest news that you should enjoy, discount up to -50%, especially on the last entrance tickets at €79, have started on the ticketing and will end on Monday at 11:59pm! 3 unpaid Private Sessions for Saturday are now available. Payments through bank transfer will end tonight at 11:59pm. Details of the promotions on the website.