Fan Meet Stranger things announced !

Good evening, as many of you guessed, we are thrilled to announce our new event, the Stranger Fan Meet, that will take place on Saturday, 16th of February 2019!

Lots of you asked for a Stranger Things event, so we decided to host this fanmeet to be as much accessible as possible! We are considering organizing a convention if this fanmeet is a success, every fanmeet attendees would get a discount on the pass of the future convention!

We are ecstatics to announce our guest, Noah Schnapp aKa Will Byers!

The ticketing will open tonight at 8:30PM ! You can find all informations and details on our website.

For now, Noah is our only guest for the Stranger Fan Meet, but we are not opposed to the idea of making this event bigger with several guests – that we are already in touch with, it’s also possible that the event be extended to a second day  if we are feeling you are as excited as we are!

So don’t hesitate to share and talk about this around you, it’s all up to you now!

Please note that the price of the access Pass will increase if new actors are added to the Guest list, people who have purchased their access (VIP or General) before will not have to pay the difference.
If the event is extended to a second day, people who purchased their access (VIP or General) before the announcement will receive a discount if they wish to participate at the second day of the event.  

A Facebook group has been created for the event, don’t hesitate to join to give your opinion, participate on polls and to not miss anything!