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What is an online con?

An online con is an event open to all which takes place during one to two days during which you won’t even need to leave your house! It all happens online. You will get to virtually meet your favorite actors, take part in the panels (questions/answers sessions), in the group meetings or the one-on-one, and you can even get a personalized autograph delivered straight to your house! All these activities will take place on the platform Zoom. You can check out our online FAQ dedicated to the con to find out how to download Zoom (for free) and how to use it.

You don’t know which activities to choose? No worries, our free tour will tell you everything you need to know about all the activities you can do during this type of cons!

The panels

The panels are questions/answers sessions in the company of at least one actor. They last for about 45 minutes. It’s the perfect time to learn more about your favorite actor! Hundreds of fans attend these panels and they can ask questions about the guest’s carrier, their projects, their tastes or their character. Each panel is translated live so that everyone can enjoy this activity in the best conditions.

Did you know? You can get the complete video of the panel after the event on our ticketing so you can relive these 45 unforgettable minutes as many times as you want!

The meeting rooms

The meetings rooms take place in the company of one actor and in small committee. Indeed, the access to this activity is limited to 30 people. It is the perfect moment to talk more intimately with the actor of your choice since they will be more approachable than during the panels. The meetings last for at least 30 minutes and are also translated. We will take a photo (screen shot) ourselves and put it on our website afterwords.

The one-on-one

Who never dreamed they could talk face to face with their favorite actor/actress? It is now possible! Enjoy at least 3 minutes with the guest of your choice moderated by a member of our team who will help with translation if need be. It will also be possible, for some guests, to include a personalized autograph! Note: quantities for this extra are very limited. We will take a picture (screen shot) of you and the actor and send it to you via mail after the event.

Did you know? You can get the video of your one-on-one in HD! All you have to do is go to our ticketing after the event to get the recording of this special moment! Caution: you only get one month to ask for the video before we delete all of them for more confidentiality and privacy.

The classes

As you probably know, actors have many talents. Some guests might decide to showcase them in special activities: yoga classes, self-defense classes, acting classes, sport sessions… Everything is possible! And all this moderated by your favorite actors!

Did you know? Just like the panels, the classes are recorded in HD! You will find the videos on our ticketing after the event.


You will be able to buy autographs signed by the actors attending the event on the ticketing. It is a real autograph which you will receive in your mailbox at home. Simply write your first and last name on the ticketing as well as a small message so that the guest can personalise your autograph. We will ask your postal address by email when we’ll need it. Note: we are not to be held responsible for delivery delays due to the post. Shipping costs are included in the price.

Video messages

A video message is a video taken by the actor or actress of your choice, just for you. Simply write your first and last name on the ticketing as well as a message for the actor to respond to. The video will then be sent to you and you’ll get to keep it forever! Note: we ask the guest for a minimum of 30secondes per video but we will not be held responsible if this is not the case.