Giles Matthey replace Karen David at the Happy Ending Convention!

Good evening everyone, first of all, we are sorry to inform you the cancellation of Karen David.

Karen really is disappointed, she wanted to come and share this magical weekend with you all but the dates of shooting for her new project have been changed.

We contacted the actors who were available to replace her, and it wasn’t easy only two weeks before the event. But one actor was particularly enthusiast to join you as well as the rest of the cast.

We are glad to announce you our 9th guest, Giles Matthey, who will be replacing Karen for The Happy Ending Convention.

A trio photo op with Emilie, Robert and Giles has been added to the ticketing!

Giles is replacing Karen for the photo ops and autographs included in the pass.

Regarding the solo photo ops, autographs and meeting rooms bought with Karen as extra, they are automatically replaced by Giles. If that replacement doesn’t suit you and you want a refund or an other change, thank you to contact us at