Important information about #RiverCon3

Hello everyone,

We are back to you with news from #RiverCon3. We have been working for months and were expecting news again tonight, unfortunately, for reasons completely beyond our control, these did not come through. A main cast guest was supposed to be announced this weekend but changed his mind at the last moment for the third time since we first contacted him months ago. We contacted all the main actors as soon as we set the dates (these dates had been set according to the availability of the main cast). We also contacted several high demand secondaries but none of our contacts were successful. Sometimes for scheduling reasons but also sometimes because the actors are not or no longer interested in this type of event. We are sincerely sorry that we were not able to offer you the guest-list that we imagined.

A last minute change was also communicated to us last night. For professional reasons, Drew Ray Tanner will only be able to be present on Sunday and Jordan Connor on Saturday. For One Day Passes: you will be allowed to do your extras with these guests even if the day does not match. However, you will not be able to access the panels. For those who can’t be there, you can send an email so that we can create a credit of the corresponding amount or directly ask for a refund of the extras.

Finally, the guest-list is now closed, you can find the different duos on the ticketing page: Marisol/Lochlyn, Cody/Drew and Cody/Jordan. Also take advantage of promotions on extras until Thursday 10pm: -5€ on all solo photos and autographs and -50% on all meeting rooms.

We wish you a good day,

See you this weekend,

The People Convention team