#RiverCon: News

Good evening everyone,

We are sorry to announce that Madelaine Petsch won’t be able to attend #Rivercon as she couldn’t get the days she needed to come. She will be on set for a big new project.

However, we have the pleasure to announce that Marisol Nichols will attend the event! She didn’t hesitate a second, you probably already saw how enthusiastic she was on Twitter!

Marisol is an included guest, her extras have been added to the ticketing.

Regarding Madelaine’s extras, they are automatically replaced by Marisol’s, if it doesn’t suit you, thank you to send us an email at contact@people-conv.com

We are waiting on a contract to come back really soon, and you might like it! Following the numerous questions we had, we confirm we are negotiating for some of the 4 main actors.

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