The Happy Ending Con V is postponed to march 2023 and 2 guests are joining

The Happy Ending Con VI is postponed  to March 25 and 26, 2023. “To all of the OUAT fans who purchased tickets to THEC Paris, June 2022. Illumina Productions would like to clarify why the event has been postponed so close to the Event date. For the past several months, fans have been asking me, Lana, and People Con, to move the date o later in the year. Lana was not available for any other date in 2022 except June due to work and that work was scheduled to continue into 2023. I then let People Con know that Lana’s schedule changed and we COULD do a show in early 2023. This would mean canceling the show in June, BUT adding back all the original talent and to have a full convention weekend. People Con has been honest with you. Also, due to COVID, several of my clients have been stuck in Europe with COVID and because the United States will not let them get on a plane. felt that it was best to wait until March of 2023 because it is safer for everyone involved, AND because then more fans could attend the Event. This has been a very difficult time for all promoters to have a show, we appreciate all of your support and we are very sorry if some of you will not be able to make the show in March or are unable to change your travel plans. We look forward to seeing you in March in Paris!” Rebecca Mader and Kristin Bauer join Lana Parrilla, Victoria Smurfit and Merrin Dungey. The ticketing is already open, all information is available on the page dedicated to the event right here. NOTE: All full passes will be refunded. All general passes will become Hero passes (two day access). All VIP passes will become classic VIP passes. All passes and extras can be refunded upon request until July 1, 2022.