THEC: Duo, Group photo’ops and dinner party available!

Good news! The duo photo ops, the group photo ops and the Royal Ball (Saturday Evening Party) will appear on the ticketing tonight at 8:30pm.
Here is the list and the prices:
– Royal Ball (Saturday Evening Party) 175€
– Lana Parrilla/Émilie de Ravin 170€
– Robert Carlyle/Robbie Kay 170€
– Robert Carlyle/Rebecca Mader 170€
– Lana Parrilla/Rebecca Mader 180€
– Robert Carlyle/Émilie de Ravin 180€
– Lana Parrilla/Robert Carlyle 190€
– Groupe photo op 250€

The last Heroes Pass available because of the upgrade and unpaid have been added on the ticketing 

We hope to be able to announce very soon the last guest to assist The Happy Ending Convention!

No emails order will be taken into account before 8:30pm. In case of dual orders between Le Pot Commun and the emails order for bank transfer, both orders will be cancelled.