A Pretty Little Liars Event will be held in Paris with Ashley Benson !

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce that we have been working for months now on a Pretty Little Liars event! Your enthusiasm on social media has convinced us.
We hope you will be happy to know our first guest is none other than Ashley Benson, the one and only Hannah Marin! She was your favorite on all the polls we’ve done. This event will be a fanmeet and we are already working on a duo which we know you’ll love!

We want to be completely transparent about the date of the event, which for now is June 5. We chose this day months ago (last summer) when the health crisis was evolving for the better. As you probably know, we are currently working on several postponements for this early 2021, so we know that June is a date that will not hold and will be subject to change. For this reason, we have already agreed with the agent and the venue for the December 11 date, we are just waiting for the signed contract amendment! Ashley having signed for June, her team advised us to already announce the event despite this concern of date. We heard you loud and clear, even before we started teasing you about a possible event, and we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and trust.

Ashley’s extras are now available on the ticketing, as well as the passes.

Have a good evening.