The Rebels Spartacus and The Happy Ending Con are postponed to late 2021

Hello everyone, We are getting back to you today regarding our events scheduled for the beginning of the year. We have made the decision to postpone the Rebels Spartacus and The Happy Ending Con to the end of 2021. We are in discussions with the venue and are waiting for the confirmation of the new dates. We hope we’ll be able to announce them soon but it is now out of our hands. Regarding the guests, their attendance should be confirmed along with the new dates. As a reminder, you can ask for a voucher until February 28, 2021. The new date should be announced by then, which will help you make a choice. After receiving a note from our law firm, we inform you that every voucher request should be accompanied by justification (medical certificate, prohibition of leaving the country, etc).

[EDIT 02/23] Given the uncertain evolution of the pandemic, we have decided to allow for voucher applications utilone week before the event so you can make your decision in the best conditions. This stay valid for all our events. We are still working on the new dates for Rebels Spartacus and The Happy Ending Con. [EDIT 02/23]

For the #RiverCon, the DarkLight Con as well as the Eternal Con, we are trying to stay positive. Indeed, if we were to postpone the #RiverCon3, it would have to be to 2022 for reasons of the actors’ schedules. We know you look forward to this event and this is why we want to believe we can still do it in 2021, with the announced guestlist (which is not closed yet). Obviously, if the health conditions do not enable the event to happen, we will postpone it (as well as the DLC and the Eternal Con) to a later date.