Bonus Guest: Wentworth Miller at the Super Heroes Con III !

Good evening, we are pleased to announce our second guest for the Super Heroes Con 3, Wentworth Miller!

After the tragic news about the Prison Break convention announced in France, Wentworth and his team didn’t wanted to let the fans in this bad situation, so they contacted us to work on something special for you!

So we all decided, Wentworth, his team and ourselves, to offer a free entrance to the Convention to all fans who bought an access to the “Ultimate Escape” Guestsevent convention.

If this is your case, thank you to contact us at [email protected] with “Ultimate Escape” as object.

For the moment Wentworth is confirmed for one day so he will attend on Saturday, but it is not impossible that he could also come on Sunday. We will keep you informed.

Feel free to join the group of the Convention.