Sean Astin, Adam Brown, Jed Brophy announced at The Middle Earth Con!

Good evening to you all, tonight we have some good but also bad news.

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of John Rhys-Davies and Dean O’Gorman. They are both held by their respective filming and won’t be able to attend the convention. We sadly only heard it at the time to book their flights…

Nevertheless, we are glad to announce that Adam Brown, Jed Brophy and Sean Astin are doing us the honor to join the convention. Adam and Jed are replacing John Rhys-Davies ; Sean Astin replaces Dean O’Gorman. The extras included in the pass are automatically replaced. Regarding the extras you bought separately, if the replacement doesn’t fit you, you can send us an email to

Their extras have been added to the ticketing.

We understand your disappointment and share it with you. Please know that wasn’t how we pictured our guest list: Adam, Jed and Sean wasn’t meant to be replacements but was supposed to be added to the actual guest list.