Keegan Connor Tracy at the Happy Ending Convention III!

Good evening everyone,

Unfortunately we are coming to you with a bad news today, Kristin Bauer isn’t able to attend the convention this year anymore… She will be filming and the production can’t free her for this weekend… we are really sorry this is happening.

We worked really hard to find a replacement, but being so close to the event, it really wasn’t easy… several actors we contacted were interested but unavailable for such a close date or also filming…

But we are glad to be able to announce that Keegan Connor will be attending this event!

She wished to come and meet you from the very beginning and we couldn’t make it happen… until now! She freed herself very quickly to come and meet you all!  

Important news:

Keegan’s extras don’t have the same price as Kristin’s, so please be informed of the followings:

  • For Dark One Pass: no change to do, Kristin’s included extras are now replaced with Keegan’s.
  • For Villain Pass:  the included autograph is replaced with Keegan’s, for the photo op to choose, if you chose Kristin and do no want Keegan instead, please send us  an email before Friday, 21st of June at 08:00pm at [email protected], without any request on your hand, your photo op will automatically be replaced with Keegan’s (if you chose someone else than Kristin, you do not need to contact us).
  • For extras you bought in addition with Kristin, Solo Photo op, Autograph or Meeting-Room, they are automatically replaced with Keegan’s and you will also get (in your envelope at the convention): 1 coupon for €5 per photo op and autograph (which is the difference of price between Keegan and Kristin) and 1 coupon for €20 per meeting-room. If this replacement doesn’t suit you, thank you to send us an email before Friday, 21st of June before 08:00pm at [email protected], without any request on your hand before this time, the extras will be replaced with Keegan’s.
  • Finally, regarding Trios Lana/Victoria/Kristin, these are replaced with a Lana/Victoria Duo. (You  will also get a coupon for €15 in your envelope, except for people who bought it with a discounted price).
  • For Kristin/Victoria, thank you to contact us before Friday, 21st of June at 08:00pm to let us know what you would like to do, don’t forget to join your e-tickets to each request.

Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience,  but we hope that you are as excited as we are  to be next weekend!