Fan Meet Stranger things 2 announced!

Good evening everyone,

We are thrilled to announce our two guests for the Stranger Fan Meet 2, taking place on September 7th in London: Noah Shnapp and… Millie Bobby Brown!

Millie will be in London for a shooting during this period and she was eager to meet her European fans, so her team contacted us directly to put this event together. As Noah really enjoyed the first edition, he didn’t hesitate for a second before joining Millie for this Fan Meet! Please know that this couldn’t have taken place in Paris, London was the only option! Actors can’t travel in the middle of a shooting.

We can tell you one thing: they both are looking forward to it!

So we are very pleased to be able to offer you this amazing opportuniy!

For those of you who won’t be able to join us for the SFM2: we are not forgetting about you and it’s already been a while since we starting working on the third edition of the SFM for Paris.

The ticketing will open in 30 minutes, you can find all the pass, extras and available information on our website.

So everyone can access the event, you will notice the pass are now divided in half-days. Instead of doing day pass for 5-6hours (that some of who thought were too long with not a lot of actors and not enough Q&A’s), you have now the choice between: Morning Pass (with Noah’s panel) or Afternoon Pass (with Millie’s panel) to access the event for half a day of 4h30 (Extras are available with both actors in the morning and in the afternoon).

Besides and because we have underaged actors, they can’t work for the same amount of time as adults – so we decided to adjust the schedule accordingly.

Don’t hesitate to join the Facebook group of the event and don’t ever miss any information:

We hope you that you are looking forward as much as we do to be on September 7th!