#RiverCon2: Nathalie Boltt announced!

Good evening everyone, after several last minute attempts to try and replace Skeet, we are glad to announce that the demonic interpreter of Penelope Blossom: Nathalie Boltt, will be joining us for #RIVERCON2! She is thrilled and she did her absolute best to free her schedule and attend this event!

This announcement took a little bit of time to arrive as we contacted the 5 actors you put at the top of the poll to replace Skeet, but the other ones weren’t available anymore so close to the event.

We are now able to add a new duo: Madelaine & Nathalie, starting now on the ticketing (limited quantities).


– Every Photo’ops and Autographs with Skeet included in the Pass are now with Nathalie.

– We will continue to send emails for the choice of the photo op included in the Vixens Pass starting tonight, for those who chose Skeet, of course you can change and choose another guest among the included ones. You have until Saturday, 25th of May at 10:00pm to send us your new choice.

– For those of you who took an extra photo op, autograph or meeting room with Skeet ; these are automatically replaced with Nathalie’s. If that suit you: you have nothing to do ; if that doesn’t suit you, thank you to send us an email in the next 48h (no change after that deadline) at contact@people-conv.com 

See you in 9 days!