Resale of passes and extras: rules to follow! [COVIS ONLY]

As we announced it earlier this year, we wanted you to have as many options as possible and therefore we have decided to allow you to resell your pass, but according to given rules, so please, read them carefully.

Reselling is only allowed in one pack, except for extras that are sold out. Example: 1st resale is to X: Hunter Pass + Photo Mark S Sunday ; 2nd resale is to Y: Photo Ruth Saturday (sold out extra).

Resale is only for people who cannot come anymore. If you resell your ticket, you won’t have access to the convention anymore.

It is forbidden to resell a ticket for more money than its original price on the ticketing. You will have to send an email to using “Request for Resale (followed by the name of the event)”. Please stipulate the name of the seller (being the owner of the tickets), the buyer and the list of the ticket being transferred.

Caution: we are not to be held responsible for these resales. Only buy from serious resellers and, for the resellers, wait until you have received the money before you confirm the resale to us.

The resell is permitted until march 30th.