Update on the health situation and rules to respect during our next events

Hello everyone,

We hope you are doing well. We are getting back to you with an update regarding this year’s events. As you know, we are now allowed to host our events again and other event planners started hosting their events as soon as this summer. Therefore, our events will not be postponed again but some rules will have to be put into place.

A health pass is now mandatory for all events with 50 people or more, which obviously includes our events. As a result and in order to enter the convention center you will have to present a health pass proving one of the following:
– That you are fully vaccinated and that enough time has passed since your last injection (you will find all needed information here).
– That you have been tested with a negative result in the last 48hours (antigen or PCR).
– That you have recovered from Covid, attested by a positive RT-PCR test at least 11 days but no more than 6 months old.

Your pass will be scanned at the beginning of each day as well as after lunch break. This pass is mandatory. The actors and actresses and the members of our staff will follow the same rules.

In order to facilitate the process we will post a list of all the places near the event’s location where you can get tested on the Friday before the convention so that your pass stays valid for the duration of the event.

Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the panel room as well as when you go from one place to another (in the queues for instance). You will also have to follow distancing rules in the queues. Hydroalcoholic gel will be available everywhere and will be given to you at the beginning and end of every activity.

Regarding the photoshoots (including duo/trio and groups): you will be able to remove your mask for the photo and the actors and actresses won’t be wearing theirs either, unless otherwise specified which would be out of our control.
Regarding autographs and meetings: wearing a mask will be mandatory, as well as for the group photo.
Regarding the private session: distancing rules will be put into place. You will walk from one guest to the next according to a predefined order that we will give you so you can take your selfies and talk with each guest. You will be able to remove your mask for the selfies only. Otherwise, wearing a mask stays mandatory.
Regarding the party: the number of people at each table will be reduced. Wearing a mask will not be mandatory during the meal. Actors and actresses will be there one hour to go from table to table. Distancing between each group will be put into place for the dancing.

Please remember that the situation is ever changing and rapidly so and that these rules could be changed by the government. In this case, we would get back to you as quickly as possible. The agents all approved the rules listed above.

If you are unable to attend the event but already have a ticket, please contact us at contact@people-conv.com with your requests. We will also answer any additional questions you may have!