#RiverCon2: Marisol Nichols announced!/ Mark Consuelos cancelled

Good evening everyone, bad luck is following us on #RIVERCON2 … We regret to announce Mark Consuelos’s cancellation, a new project makes him unable to attend the convention. He really was looking forward to his first convention with you in Paris, he already asked us to contact him directly if there was a third edition!

Despite this, we have the pleasure to announce Marisol Nichols will be attending!

Marisol loved the first edition, she is thrilled to come back for #RIVERCON2.

Marisol is an included guest, her extras have been added to the ticketing.

We still are waiting for the signature of a member from the top 5 in the poll, let’s cross our fingers!

Regarding the replacements:

– Solo photo ops with Mark bought as extras are replaced with solo photo ops with Marisol

– Autographs with Mark bought as extras are replaced with autographs with Marisol

– Meeting Rooms with Mark are replaced with meeting rooms with Marisol

Thank you to contact us at [email protected] before Wednesday, 24th of April if these replacements don’t suit you, we will figure this out together. Without any email from you by this date, the replacements above will automatically apply.