#RiverCon2: Madelaine Petsch announced!

Good evening everyone, you couldn’t wait for her any longer… so here she is! We are thrilled to announce our 7th and last guest for the #RIVERCON2, Madelaine Petsch! 

Madelaine, really disappointed to miss the first edition, was eagerly waiting on her schedule to be confirmed to see if she could attend this year! 

The mythical Choni duo is now in! 

Madelaine is an extra guest, her extras are now available on the ticketing.

Duos, groups and Private Sessions are now available on the ticketing, don’t miss the following duos: Choni, Camila/Madelaine, Camila/Marisol, Camila/Charles, Camila/Ashleigh, Vanessa/Skeet! 

See you in one month!