#RiverCon2: Madelaine Petsch infos

Good evening, we just heard Madelaine got a film and the shooting is ending on Friday, 31st of May. But we succeeded alongside her team to manage her schedule for her to attend Sunday, 2nd of June.

Thank you for carefully reading the following:

– If you have a 2 Day Pass and Saturday extras with Madelaine, it will be automatically moved to Sunday, you do not need to send us an email.

– If you have a Sunday Pass, nothing changes for you.

– If you have a Saturday Pass, we are offering you for free the access to Sunday so you can see Madelaine. You will have access to both days without additionnal costs and Madelaine’s extras will be moved to Sunday!

– If you have bought Madelaine’s extras with a Saturday Pass ONLY and that you can’t come on Sunday, please send us an email at contact@people-conv.com

– If you bought the Private Session for Saturday, you will be allowed to enter at the end of Sunday’s Private Session to do your selfie with Madelaine.

See you in 23 days for this incredible weekend!