Kristin Bauer & Victoria Smurfit at the Happy Ending Convention III!

Good evening everyone, 

We are pleased to announce our two last guests for THEC3, Kristin Bauer and Victoria Smurfit!

Two Queens of Darkness are coming to close the guest list of the THEC3 and it will be magical!

Kristin and Victoria are included, you will find their extras on the ticketing.

Please find below the list of the extras that will be on sale tomorrow night alongside their prices:

– Private Session: €350
– Saturday Evening Party: €180 (only for Saturday and Two Days Pass)
– Group photo op: €250
– Lana/Ginnifer: €190
– Lana/Josh: €190
– Josh/Ginnifer: €190
– Lana/Sean: €175
– Kristin/Victoria: €100
– Sean/Tiera: €100
– Rose/Tiera: €90

There is a possibility that after confirmation of the schedule from the agents, quantities might be added to some duos but we will put the maximum we can for now tomorrow night.

We hope you enjoyed these announcements! See you in 50 days for this magical weekend!