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Special Edition

What is a special edition?

A “special edition” event is a bigger event, with more guests but also more visitors.
Visitors will be able to meet their favourite celebrities, attend Q&A panels, participate in signing sessions, and even have their picture taken with their favourite actor or actress. There is also the opportunity to meet artists, designers, illustrators, authors and other speakers always in line with the theme of the event.

Your presence is not required during all the event, you can simply show up whenever you want throughout the day to do the extras you want and attend the conferences that interest you according to the schedule set up and available on our website. The special editions leave you free to move around.

Prepare your visit

How to participate?

To participate, it is imperative that you have purchased your pass in advance from our online ticketing service or by bank transfer by sending an e-mail to contact@people-conv.com. The only official ticketing system is our partner’s website. Contrary to traditional events, the Passes are not nominative.

If the show is not sold out, it is possible to buy your access pass directly on the spot (while stocks last).
Please note that the Pass cannot be exchanged, modified or reimbursed except in the event of cancellation of the event by us. Resale is forbidden.

Who are the guests and when will you announce them?

We announce the guests gradually, as soon as we receive the signed contracts. We cannot reveal the names of the actors or actresses we are in contact with before the contracts are signed for confidentiality reasons. To follow the announcements, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

What are the different types of pass?

The price of the passes varies according to the costs involved.

On the special editions, you will find 4 types of passes:
1-day General Pass
2-day General Pass
1-day Prime Pass
2-day Prime Pass

A General Pass gives you access to the event for one or two days. Please note that unlike the classic events, the General Pass does not include the panels!
The Prime pass, on the other hand, includes one or two days of access to the event, and includes the panels of the silver guests. It also allows you to have access to a fast line and to have less waiting time for your extras and all types of guests (silver, gold and platinum).

All passes include access to the entertainment stage throughout the event. You will be able to enjoy the intervening, cosplay contests and other animations regardless of your pass type.

Silver, Gold and Platinium guests

Silver guest

This is an actor or actress whose panels are included in the Prime Pass.

Gold and Platinium guests

These are additional actors or actresses who are not included in the passes but whose panels are available for purchase at extra cost.

What are the extras?

To access the Extras, you must have purchased a Pass. The different types of extras are:
– Autographs
– Photo ops
– Selfies at the table
– Panels

Unlike traditional events, the number of photo’op taken by our professional photographers is extremely limited.

Other exceptional extras can be added depending on the event. In this case, everything is explained on the page of the show you are interested in.

Taking personal photos is strictly forbidden during the extras presented here, under penalty of being banned from the show. The same applies to videos, which are strictly forbidden.

My favourite guest has cancelled, what can I do?

Unfortunately, this can happen, as the actor or actress may have last minute professional obligations. It is beyond our control, the pass cannot be refunded, but we will try to replace the guest with another guest of equivalent importance if conditions allow.

When does the box office close?

The ticketing close at the end of the event.

I would like to be placed with my friend, is this possible?

The seating arrangements for the panels and activities are free on the special editions, regardless of your pass type. To be placed next to a friend, you’ll have to arrive together!

Can I come to the event if I am a minor?

You can come as a minor, however, you will have to present yourself at the pass desk with a parental authorisation and a copy of the identity card of the person who filled it in. Only a parent or legal guardian can complete this document. Minors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please note: only the parental authorisation on official People Convention paper will be accepted. You can find it here.

The entrance pass is free for children up to 5 years old, provided that the child sits on the parent’s lap.

For more information, please send an email to contact@people-conv.com.

Please note: We do not offer rates for parents accompanying their children to the event.

Do you offer special facilities for people with reduced mobility?

We want every participant to be able to enjoy the event. To ensure an optimal experience, contact us as soon as possible after purchasing your pass to explain your needs (contact@people-conv.com). You will be allocated a privileged place, as well as quick access to extras (photo op, autographs…) to limit your waiting time.

Where can I find the event schedule?

The schedule is updated each time it is announced and is available on the page of the event that interests you! It will also be available on site during the event. Please note that the schedule is always indicative and may be subject to change until the last moment for organisational reasons.

I am a creator, illustrator or author, can I rent a stand at one of your fairs?

Of course you can! We invite you to contact us at contact@people-conv.com to present your activity. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces available and therefore make a selection among the applications.

The day

Where do your events take place?

To find out where one of our events takes place, please visit the event description page on our website.

Is there a cloakroom where I can leave my coat and/or suitcase?

We do not usually offer a cloakroom service on site, so we recommend that you do not come too heavy. You can of course leave your coat on your seat, but we cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.
Moreover, with the the vigipirate plan, the majority of the places where our events take place do not allow visitors to enter with suitcases. We therefore invite you, as far as possible, to store them in a luggage storage service, in your hotel room or your vehicle for the duration of the event.

What is the procedure for the registration and going to the extras?

Unlike our classic events, your registration will be much quicker. As the passes are not nominative, all you have to do is show us your printed or digital ticket and we will give you a wristband that you will have to keep for the duration of the event. This will allow you to enter and leave the event.

For extras, you will have to keep your tickets and present them to us when you come.

I have lost my extra, what should I do?

All tickets purchased are your responsibility, so we cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss of an extra before or on the day of the event. We cannot replace any lost extras.

My ticket is already scanned, what should I do?

We cannot be held responsible if your ticket is already scanned. If this is the case, the ticket has already been presented to us and we have no recourse. Be vigilant and never share your tickets with a QR Code visible on the internet!

Can I give gifts to actors?

Unless there is a specific contraindication for an event, you can give gifts to your favourite actor or actress during the autograph session only. You must have an autograph ticket to do so.

Is the event filmed?

Yes, for most of our events we produce an official DVD. These DVDs are only made in agreement with the attending talent team and all images are subject to validation.

You can pre-order the DVD on site on the day of the event using the form that is given to you on arrival, which you simply fill in and bring to the extra shop to pay for your purchase. DVDs are also available after the event through an online ticketing service (while stocks last).

When they are ready, the DVDs are sent to the address indicated on your form. If you have changed your address in the meantime, please send us an e-mail about this. We keep you regularly informed on the Facebook group about the event, so don’t hesitate to join it.

You have read our tour and our FAQ and still have questions? Don’t hesitate to join one of the Facebook groups of our events to exchange with other participants or to contact us directly by e-mail!