The Australien Artists from Comics2Movies will be at the Rebels Spartacus II

COMICS2MOVIES was created through sheer love and passion for comics and film alike.

With Hollywood’s dedication to, and the continuing success of movies based on or produced in essence of comic books, COMICS2MOVIES in conjunction with some of Australia’s finest artists have created a series of collectible limited edition prints. These prints are of everyone’s favourite characters from comic books to films and even fan favourite TV shows.

COMICS2MOVIES is lucky enough to travel all over the world exhibiting at comic conventions and as a result we bring back to Australia a number of rare and collectable items that are highly desirable and not available here. This includes prints from artists such as J Scott Campbell, Alex Ross and Jim Lee just to name a few.

COMICS2MOVIES mission is to make sure all collectibles are affordable and will only increase in value over time.

COMICS2MOVIES in 2013 also opened its publishing division with the debut of Xtreme Championship Tournament: Spartacus comic book. With a creative team of COMICS2MOVIES owner Shaun Paulet, Australian Comics Stalwart Brendan Halyday, American Jerry Gaylord, artist of Boom Studios mega-success Fanboys Vs Zombies and Gabe Cassatta, Colourist of Supurbia, Fanboys Vs Zombies and more. This book is sure to be a hit when it debuts later in the year.