The Stranger Fan Meet 5 will be held in July

Good evening everyone,

First of all, we would like to respond to the few hundred messages we have received since last night. A live video circulated (and is still circulating) of someone calling the Parc des Expositions de Portes de Versailles where the Stranger Fan Meet 5 was to take place. The person on the phone first said the contract was in a work in progress. Which is true. We had to change location between Madrid and Paris in a few hours and 10 days before the event. Parc des expositions had therefore authorized us to announce the venue from the beginning since there was never any question of doing this event elsewhere in France and we wanted everyone to be able to make arrangements. A contract is rarely signed in less than 24H. We, on the other hand, heard in the recording that Parc des Expositions had been trying for several days to reach us without success in order to close the contract and this statement is absolutely false since just yesterday we had them on the phone twice. We have been available at all times to close this contract. The person then states that the event is cancelled, and this was strictly confidential and uncertain information at the time. This was unprofessional on their part, and we apologize for the panic it caused.

At the time this recording was revealed, we had, on our side, another bad news. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown will not be able to be present on December 11. Her team tells us that they are very concerned about the health crisis. We had however proposed at the time of the change of city to postpone the event to a later date for the safety of all. That was 4 days ago, but his team refused. As the situation was not getting better, they finally decided yesterday that the risks were too high, so they accepted our solution proposed several days ago.

Because of this and in view of the situation, we have decided not to do the event without Millie. This decision has NOTHING to do with the place called yesterday, but to the non presence of the actress that you all want to meet. All tickets, without any exception, will be refunded by next week (it may depend on your bank). You don’t have to do anything, it will be automatic.

Millie and Noah’s teams have agreed to confirm a new date to come and meet you in optimal conditions: July 9th! Know that this solution has always been our number one choice. This is what we wanted even before moving the event to Paris in order to be able to promise you an event worthy of the name. We wanted to avoid this kind of situation, but the idea had not been retained when we first suggested it.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have both confirmed their presence at the event which will take place in Paris. The box office will open once all refunds for the December 11th event have been processed.

We are very sorry to come back to you with this news. Many feel that whatever happens is our fault, but these multiple changes are not good for us. It is a lot of work done for nothing, because today, the event can not be maintained, we have lost as much time as money in this project. We have often said it, especially live, but we do not decide everything and some decisions are not in our hands. However, we are delighted to be able to offer you a new opportunity to meet your idols, in better conditions this time.

We prefer to warn you now that we will not respond to any comment that we consider insulting, but will be happy to answer your questions.

The People Convention team