Three new guest annoucement for the second edition of DarkLight Con Online !

Hello everyone,

We told you when we first announced the convention that there would be more guests for the DarkLight Con Online 2. Well, it’s not one or even two but three more guests! This will be their first online con. We are thrilled to announce Jim Beaver, our dear Bobby, will join us for the convention! We are also happy to say that our two favorite Men of Letters, Adam Fergus and David Haydn-Jones, are joining the guest-list! All three of them will be with us on Sunday, April 11. As a reminder, Misha Collins, Rob Benedict and Richard Speigh Jr will be with us on Saturday, April 10.

Their extras are now available on the ticketing. Just like for the other guests, the prices were decided by the agents.

We hope you’re happy about these announcements.

Have a great evening,

The People Convention team