Annoncements for the Darklight Con 2 !

Good evening everyone, first of all and for those who didn’t know, we have the regret to announce Richard Speight Jr and Sebastian Roche won’t be able to attend anymore due to professional matters. After looking for replacements and doing some negotiations, we are pleased to announce Mark Pellegrino will attend the Dark Light Con’ 2!

Despite his busy schedule, he freed himself for Friday night and Saturday, including the Evening Party!

We couldn’t find any other replacement but we are sure that the guests attending will make these 3 days unforgettable!

Mark is an included guest, his extras have been added to the ticketing.

Regarding the replacements:

– Solo photo op with Richard and/or solo photo op with Sebastian bought as extras are replaced with solo photo op with Mark Pellegrino

–  Autograph with Richard and/or autograph with Sebastian bought as extras are replaced with autograph with Mark Pellegrino

– Meeting Rooms Richard and Meeting Room Sebastian are replaced with Meeting Room Mark Pellegrino

– Duo photo ops Rob & Richard are replaced with a duo photo op Rob & Matt, also available on the ticketing starting tonight

– Trio photo ops are replaced with a new trio photo op Mark Pellegrino, Matt & Rob

Thank you to contact us at before Thursday, 17th of May at 09:00pm if these replacements don’t suit you, we will find a solution together. Without any email from your hand before these dates, the replacements above will automatically apply.