DISCOUNTS Darklight Con 2 !

Good evening – again!4 days before the ticketing is closing (Saturday, 19th of May at 11:59pm), it’s time for some discounts!You can now found on the ticketing until its closure or stocks are exhausted:Pass Hunter is 89€ instead of 159€

Group photo op is 190€ instead of 220€
Trio Mark P Rob Matt is 115€ instead of 135€
Duo Ruth Mark S is 100€ instead of 110€
Duo Mark S Mark P is 100€ instead of 105€
Duo Mark S Jim is 90€ instead of 110€
Duo Rob Matt is 80€ instead of 100€
Duo Mark S Osric is 80€ instead of 100€
Duo Rob Osric is 70€ instead of 90€
Meet Jim is 90€ instead of 130€
Meet Ruth is 90€ instead of 120€
Meet Matt is 90€ instead of 120€