DarkLight Con 4 is postponed to 2022

It is with bad news that we come to you today. As you may know, the conditions of entry into France for people coming from the United States (among others) have changed. As a result, the coming of some of the guests announced at DarkLight Con has become difficult, if not impossible.To be completely transparent, Richard Speight Jr, Mark Sheppard and Misha Colins would have cancelled their appearance at DarkLight Con. We didn’t want to offer you an event with a guest list that is no longer the same and could deprive you of your favorite guest, so we decided in agreement with the agents, to move the event to March 19th and 20th 2022.

We have no doubt that this news will disappoint some, we ourselves are saddened by this postponement. We are however optimistic that the sanitary conditions will be less strict by then (at least that’s what we hope) so that the weekend will be even more exceptional. Regarding the actors, we can already confirm the presence of Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen. Ruth, Briana and Kim are still being confirmed.It is possible that a new head will be added to this line-up and not just anyone…!

About the venue we’re waiting for confirmations from them but didn’t want to wait any longer to announce the postponment. Refund conditions are still the same and resales are still allowed, but we remain fully available by email and on our social networks for any questions.