Important instruction for Stranger Fan Meet 4

First of all, just a reminder that the con will be held at the Hilton Roissy CDG on Saturday and at the Hyatt Regency Paris on Sunday

Extras: please note a very small batch of Extras will be available for sale onsite. (To respect the schedule, we need to limit the number of extras available at the convention).

Please note that for years we have some troubles of connection on our credit card machine due to the very bad WIFI reception at the Hilton, so if possible, think about having cash for your potential purchases in case of problems.

The opening of the doors as well as the registration will be at 9:30 am on Saturday at the Hilton Roissy Charles de Gaulle and at 8:30 am on Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile. The first panel will take place at 12:00 on both days. The event should end at 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, but please consider that it is not impossible that for any reason, the event will end a bit late.

A pass registration will take place on Friday evening at 6pm at the Hilton Roissy Charles de Gaulles. Only people with a Saturday access will be able to register. People with a Saturday acess AND a Sunday access will be able to get their two access too, and that way avoid the registration on Sunday. As previously mentioned, a registration will also take place on Saturday (from 9:30 am) and Sunday (from 8:30 am). 

Regarding sanitary measures, we have received requests from agents. Indeed, all attendees, including vaccinated persons must show a negative test (PCR or rapid) at the entrance of the event. Test must have been done within 24H prior to the time you pick up your pass. This rule does not apply to children under 12 years old.

This request has been made to us to ensure that the event takes place in the best conditions. We have accepted them to avoid any plexiglass installation during the photo’op, among other things. A Testing center is open at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport for people coming on Saturday and a pharmacy will also be open just in front of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile for people coming on Sunday.

To register you will need your ID and all your proof of purchase printed on checkable on your phone. No envelope will be given without ID. You can’t do the registration for someone else, no exception to this rule. We will give you an access bracelet to be able to circulate in the con.

During the weekend, you need to wear your bracelet at all time. You won’t get second one if you lose or forget it. You will need it to access the event at all time.

Warning! If you are under 18, you will also need to give us the Parental authorization available on our website here, as well as a copy of the ID of the legal guardian who signed it.
WITHOUT THESE DOCUMENTS: The access to the event will be denied, without any refund. Besides, we are not accepting Parental authorization that is not ours.

COVID: We ask you to wear a mask all along the weekend, except for the photo’ops exclusively

You will get the complete schedule of the weekend while you do the registration.
The time for your extras isn’t random, you will be called by rows and be able to follow directly how it goes on the big screen of the panel room, a team of staff will accompany and guide you.
Thank you to respect this to avoid delaying the schedule.
You also need to respect the day you got for your extras.
Staffs will be in charge of controlling and respecting these time, if you do not respect this, your extra might be cancelled.

People having a meeting room will be accompanied by a member of our team, you will have to be at the « Meeting Point » (on the right of the stage) 15minutes before your Meeting starts and your guide will make sure you have priority at the photo ops you might have at the same time. Please make sure you follow these instructions and your guide 🙂 Don’t go to your photo ops without your guide under any circumstances if you have a Meeting! No refund or replacement will be processed if you don’t follow these instructions.

The panels are a time for questions and answers with the audience, you are invited to ask your questions, this is however not a time for long declarations but you can use the autograph sessions for this.

Don’t ask too complicated poses or inappropriate ones, you need to understand the actors are not dolls, they enjoy simple poses by your side. The acceptance of the poses is up to the actor.
Due to the pandemy, please really thing about simple poses and avoid accessories.

-We are reminding you that  you are not authorized to resell or exchange your extras.

You are allowed to offer gift to the actors during autograph only.

We are reminding you it’s strictly forbidden to film, either during panels, photo ops, autographs, panels or in the hallways. It’s also forbidden to take pictures of the actors if they are not on stage. Sanctions will applied: at the second time during a panel, you will be excluded from this panel. At the third time during the weekend, you will be excluded from all panels of the weekend.
At the second time filming or taking pictures during photo ops, autographs or in the hallways, your extras will be cancelled without refund.

In addition of the printed version you will get at the convention, the digital version of your pictures will be available at our shop, you will have to sign a form (included in the bag you will get at registration) and all your pictures will be send in HQ per email so you can print these on posters, or simply if you do not own a scanner and want your pictures on your computer. (Numerical versions will be sent according to your Pass)


  • If you want an additional version of your printed photo op, it’s available at our shop for €5
  • Approved autograph pictures will be available for €5 starting Friday at our shop. 
  • You will also get an exclusive A3 poster for free with all the actors included.
  • A pre-sale of the DVD of the convention will be available onsite.

This is now the last week of preparation for us, we have a lot of work and we hope you will understand we won’t be as much available on Facebook or per email as usual.

If you have any additional questions, you will find a lot of answers in the « Free Tour » section here

See you very soon for this fourth edition!

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