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Conventions and Fanmeets FAQ

What is a convention? What is a fanmeet?

Conventions are public events which usually take place on two days.A fanmeet, in the other hand, can last one or two days.
Those events are centered around a theme: a tv show, a movie, a saga…

The attendees will get to meet their favorite stars, attend Q&A panels, have access to autograph sessions and even be photographed with their favorite actor or actress by a professional photographer. They will also have access to the hall where there will be artists, creators, and authors, always in relation to the theme. Know that there are less guests during a fanmeet than during a convention.

Prepare yourself

How to participate?

To participate, you must have previously bought a pass on our online ticketing or by bank transfer by sending an email to contact@people-conv.com. The only website to purchase a ticket is on our partner’s page, Cityvent.

If the convention is not sold out, you can still buy a pass at the convention (only if there is still some stock available).

Caution: the pass cannot be exchanged, modified or refunded except if we cancel the event. We also remind you that selling your pass is illegal and we reserve the right to cancel the pass in case of trouble.

Before the event, you must PRINT all of your proof of purchase in order to get your definitive Pass.

Who are the guests and when are you going to do the announcements?

We announce the guests as soon as we get the contracts signed. Because of confidentiality, we can’t tell you the names of the actors or actresses we’re in touched with as long as we don’t have the contracts. To stay tuned, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

What are the different kind of passes?

The price of a price is not frozen and can change according to the event and the costs they generate.

For conventions, you’ll usually find those different kinds of passes (in ascending order):

  • Classic Entrance Pass
  • Intermediary Entrace Pass
  • Superior Entrance Pass
  • VIP Pass

For further information on the passes and what they contain, you can check the website page of the event you’re interested in.

For fanmeets, you’ll usually find those two kinds of passes:

  • General Pass
  • Prime Pass

The Passes’ name and what they contain may change according to the event.

All passes give you access to the activities and panels (Q&A between the attendees and the guests) as well as merchandising and a professional shops. You’ll also get to meet artists, authors and creators still according to the theme of the event.

Extra guest? Included Guests? Bonus Guest? What does this mean?

Included guests

Included guests are actors whose extras (only photos and autographs) are included in the Intermediary and the Superior Passes. You can find the passes’ description on the events’ website pages. These extras are also available for purchase.

Extra guests

Extra guests are additional guests who are not included in any passes but their extras are available for purchase.

Bonus guests

Bonus guests are totally unexpected guests and may or may not be connected to the theme of the event ; the opportunity for you to meet them being too good to pass. For that reason, they are not included in any passes. 

NB: These conditions only concern conventions. For the fanmeets, no guest is included in the passes. 

Extras, what are they?

In order to buy an extra, you must have bought a pass first. The different types of extras are:

  • Autographs
  • Photo’op
  • Meeting-rooms
  • The Private Session
  • The Aperitif
  • The Themed Party
  • The Karaoke
  • The Concert

NB: During fanmeets, most of the time, only meeting-room, autographs and photo’ops are available.

Other special extras can be added, depending on the event. To know more about it, you can visit our free tour. Taking pictures and videos is strictly forbidden during these extras (except for photos during the private session) under penalty of being banned.

Your purchases’ receipts MUST BE PRINTED and the QR codes must be perfectly readable.

I purchased a pass that includes an extra guest. When and how do I make my choice?

Once the guest list is closed, we will send an email to all participants in possession of this kind of pass so you can make your choice. These emails are sent by order of purchase. Each guest has an amount of extras reserved for this kind of pass. This means that if you waited before getting your pass, it is possible that the actors might run out of extras because we reached the quota. Extra guests and Bonus guests can’t be chosen with these passes.

My favorite guest canceled his/her participation, what do I do?

Unfortunately, this can happen because the actor or the actress can have a last minute professional duty. It is totally beyond our control. Therefore, the passes cannot be refunded but we will do everything we can to replace the guest with another of the same importance.

Can I buy several Passes?

Yes you can, as long as you write the correct names and first names of the participants when buying the passes. Every single participant must have their name on their pass. Therefore, you cannot give your pass to someone else if you cannot attend the event. 

When does the online ticketing close?

The online ticketing closes on the last friday before the event at 11:59 pm.

I would like to sit with my friend. Is it possible?

If you purchased the same pass in the same order, there is no problem. You’ll be sitting next to each other.

If you bought your passes in a different order, you must contact us within 24 hours or the seat will already have been given to someone else. Moreover, you must have the same type of pass to be sitting next to each other.

I am under 18, can I attend one of your events?

Of course! However, you must fill in a parental permission form that you’ll be handing out to us at registration, along with a copy of your parent’s ID. Only a parent or legal guardian is allowed to sign the form. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult during the event.

Caution! We only accept the official People Convention parental permission form, which you can find here.

The access pass is free for children up to 5, on the condition that they sit on their parents’ knees. For more information, email us at contact@people-conv.com.

NB : We do not offer special rates for parents who only wish to accompany their children.

Do you make special arrangement for disabled people?

We are committed to make sure every attendee gets to experience our events to the fullest. To ensure you have the best time with us, send us an e-mail shortly after you’ve bought your pass to tell us about your needs (contact@people-conv.com). We will accommodate you with a special seating in the main room as well as fast access to all extras (photo’ops, autographs…) to avoid queuing.

A staff member will also be there to assist you if need be.

Where can I find the schedule of the event?

We will give you the schedule during registration! Throughout the weekend, activities will be displayed on the screens in the main room to keep you informed in real time.

I am a creator/illustrator/author. Can I apply for a table in your artist alley?

Of course! You can contact us at contact@people-conv.com to tell us everything about what you do. Please be aware that as space is limited, we will have to make a selection amongst applicants.

On the day of the event

Where do the events take place?

Check out the page of the event you’re interested in attending to know where it’s taking place.

Is there a cloakroom or a left-luggage office?

We don’t generally offer these kinds of services during our events, so we advise you to travel lightly. You can of course leave your vest on your seat, but People Conventions won’t be held responsible for any loss or stolen item.

As part of the Vigipirate plan, most venues we choose don’t allow people with suitcases inside the building. As such, we advise you to leave your luggage in your hotel room, in a left-luggage locker or in your vehicle.

How can I collect my pass and extras once I’ve bought them?

You’ll be able to collect your pass at registration, which is held at the venue the day before and on the morning of the event. You will also be able to collect it at the extra shop during the whole duration of the con.

In order to collect your access pass, you need to bring the receipt that was sent to you by our partner Cityvent. It is imperative that you bring a printed version of it with the QR code visible. We will keep your receipt after we’ve scanned it and will give you your wristband and pass in exchange -don’t lose them! You’ll then have to sign a sign-off sheet to prove you’ve indeed collected your pass. Careful: once the sheet signed, you won’t be able to raise any complaint about your pass! If you’ve purchased a pass that entitles you to an assigned seat, your seat number will be specified directly on your wristband. Our staff will help you find it in the main room.

NB: you won’t be able to collect someone else’s pass as they are nominative!

You need to keep the PRINTED receipts of all the extras you have bought and present them at the entrance of the room where it’s taking place (photo studios, autograph room, meeting room…). A staff member will scan the QR code on your receipt, which they will also keep afterwards. You’ll then be able to enter the room to do your extra.

NB: People Conventions won’t be held responsible in case the bar code cannot be scanned. Beware of fraud, resale and copying are strictly forbidden!

Help, I’ve lost my extra. What do I do?

Unfortunately, your receipts are your own responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft be it before or on the day of the event. Therefore, we won’t be able to replace your stolen extra.

Where can I collect my printed pictures?

Your photos are progressively printed throughout the day and made available to you shortly after the session. The place of collection will be specified to you on the day of the event. We guarantee that they will be printed by the end of the event. We cannot be held responsible if you have to leave early and do not have the time to collect them.

Did you know? We can also send you a high res digital version of your photos straight via email! You pay a flat fee per person whether you have one or several photos. All you need to do is fill out the form that is handed to you at the beginning of the event and drop by the extra shop to give your form and pay. The pictures are then sent within the month following the event. Bear in mind that delivery times can vary during high convention season. We try our best to ensure you get them as quickly as possible.

Where can I get food inside and around the venue?

We always try to negotiate a special menu or a snack stand with the venue. The venues we pick are also usually surrounded by numerous fast food restaurants. For more information on a specific event, be sure to join the official corresponding Facebook group.

Can I give gifts to the guests?

Unless we say otherwise for a specific event, you can of course give presents to your favourite talent. However, you can only do so during the autograph session. You therefore need to have an autograph ticket for the actor you wish to give a gift to.

Did you know? You can also take part in the official fanbook made for each guest! A fanbook is a collection of drawings, letters and pictures from fans. The preparation of the fanbook is entrusted to an attendee, who is picked randomly on the official Facebook group of each con or fanmeet. The attendee must have already bought a pass and an autograph for the actor they wish to make a fanbook for.

You’ve read both our Guided Tour page and FAQ and you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to join one of the official Facebook groups to talk with other fans, or to contact us via email!