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Online Con FAQ

Prepare your experience

How to participate ?

In order to participate you’ll have to download the Zoom app first (download link). This app is free and available for PCs, tablets and smartphones. You will also need to create an account (for free as well) so you can access the different activities of the event.

You will also have to get a ticket for the activity of your choice. You don’t need an entry pass! To do so, simply go to the page of the event you’re interested in. The only official ticketing is the one hosted on the website of our partner Cityvent. If you’d rather to do the first payment by bank transfer, please contact us using contact@people-conv.com

Caution: the tickets cannot be exchanged, modified, nor refunded except in the case we cancel the event ourselves. We also remind you that selling your ticket, of any kind, is illegal, and we reserve the right to cancel any ticket in this case.

Can the event last two days?

Yes! However, each event starts as a one-day event (usually, on Saturday) but if the first day is sold-out we may extend the event to a second day.

Who are the guests and when are they going to be announced?

We announce the guests progressively, as soon as the contracts return signed. We cannot disclose the names of the actors we are in contact with before the contracts are signed for confidentiality reasons. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram not to miss any announcements.

What activities can I do?

We offer many activities including:

– panels
– meeting-rooms
– one-on-ones
– classes
– autographs
– video messages

For more information, you can check out our free tour which explains each activity in details.

Good to know: you can buy as many extras as you want regardless of the activity!

My favorite guest canceled. What can I do?

This might unfortunately happen as the actors can have last-minute requirements. This is out of our control but we will try to reschedule to a later date.

Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes, as long as the first and last names of the attendees are correctly filled in on the ticketing. Each ticket is nominative and cannot be transferred to another attendee if you can no longer come.

When will the ticketing close?

The ticketing will close at the end of the event. You can get extras as long as the activity you are interested in hasn’t started.

Where can I find the schedule of the event?

The schedule will be available on the page of the event.

How to prepare before the event?

Before anything, you have to go on the page of the event to consult the schedule. Write down the times of the panels, classes and meetings which you’d like to be a part of. Keep in mind you’ll have to be there 15 minutes before the start of the activity so make sure no activity overlaps another.

To guarantee the best experience, you will receive the registration links for your event the monday prior the start of the event. You’ll have to register as soon as you get this email. If you don’t, we will not be help responsible in case you are late to the activity.

As you will notice on the ticketing, the one-on-ones are organized by time slots (example: 7:30pm – 8pm). You’ll have to sign in at the start of the time-slot and wait for your turn in the waiting room.

D Day

As mentioned above, the first step is to download the Zoom app and to create an account. All the activities will happen on this platform.

Please note that we cannot be help responsible in case of delay, technical problems or connection issues on your part. There will be no refund.

The activity I’m interested in has already started. Can I still get it?

Yes, you can, if the extra is not sold out. You’ll join the activity late but our moderator will give you access.

How do I join the activity?

You will receive a link that will lead you to the activity on Zoom in the order confirmation sent by Cityvent. All you’ll have to do is click on this link and join the waiting room to access the chosen activity. As mentioned above, for organizational reasons, we ask you to be there 15 minutes before the start of the activity and to have your e-ticket with you.

How can I ask a question to the actor during a meeting or a panel?

Once connected to the panel or the meeting you’ll see the option “raise your hand” at the bottom of your screen. The moderator will then allow you to activate your mic and your camera so you can ask your question! Caution: the moderator will proceed following an order. The first person to raise their hand gets to ask their question first, and so on.

For the one-on-one, your camera and mic will stay on for the whole activity.

How can I get the autograph I ordered on the ticketing and/or the one included in my one on one?

First of all, please note that the autographs, although they come from online events, are real autographs made by the actors. They will therefore be personalized with your name. After the event, when we need them, we will ask you for your mailing address so that you can receive them directly at home!

Can I keep a souvenir of the event?

Filming or taking pictures is not allowed during this type of event, for image rights reasons. As agreed with the guests, we will take a picture (screen shot) at the end of the meetings and the one-on-ones so you can have a souvenir of this unforgettable moment. 

Moreover, we will be filming the panels, the classes and the one-on-ones. You will be able to get the HD videos of the panel, the meeting or the one-on-one of your choice after the event.

Important information regarding the one-on-ones: to guarantee confidentiality and privacy to each of you, we will only sell the videos for a month after the event. After this date, all the videos will be deleted. Moreover, each video is nominative so that no one else can get it but you. You’ll have to communicate your e-ticket number to us so we can be sure the video is yours. Therefore, do not share this number on social media!