Jamie Campbell Bower is our tenth guest, Grant Goodman is also joining

Good evening everyone,

We are very pleased to announce that Jamie Campbell Bower will be appearing on December 17 and 18! The actor who plays 001/Vecna is delighted to come and meet you. He is also known for having played in the Twilight saga, in the movie The Mortal Instrument but also in the Harry Potter saga and in Sweeney Todd. He is a gold guest, his panels are not included in the passes.

Jamie will be doing duos, but this time we decided to let you choose them! Tell us in comments which duets you’d like to see at Stranger Fan Meet 6 with Jamie and one of our guests!

There’s more to come! Who would like to play Dungeons and Dragons with an actor from the show? Grant Goodman is willing! In fact, he’s the one who will be hosting the board game area at Stranger Fan Meet 6! He wasn’t scheduled to come, but he asked to come and meet you and introduce you to the famous role-playing game. Access to the board game area is included in all passes. And that’s not all! Grant will also be doing photo ops… in costume! Grant will be wearing the famous Hellfire Club jacket for his photos!

Jamie and Grant are not the last guests 😉

See you soon,

The People Conventions team