Fast Line Tickets are now on sales

What is a Fast Line ticket?

Let’s start by explaining what it is not: it is not an entrance pass. A Fast Line ticket is an option to buy in addition to a pass. This option allows you to have access to the priority line at the activities and therefore allows you to get to your extra faster.

There are two types of Fast Line tickets:
The single-use Fast Line ticket at the price of 15€.
The Fast Line ticket for one day at the price of 49€.

The single-use Fast Line ticket allows you to go to ONE activity (except panels) of your choice (you decide when to use it on site). You can buy as many as you want.

The Fast Line ticket allows you to have priority during a whole day, no matter how many extras you have.

The Fast Line tickets are in very limited quantities in order to keep the priority access as cheap as possible. They are available now by following this link. Fast Line day tickets are already included in all the premium passes.