Important instruction about DarkLight Con 5

Important informations about the DLC5

Thank you to read carefully this message, a lot of answers to your questions are included

First of all, please note a really small batch of extras will be available for sale onsite. To respect the schedule, we need to limit the number of extras available at the convention.

Extras sold out online will also be sold out on site.

Please note that for years we have had some troubles with connection with our credit card machine due to the very bad WIFI reception at the venue, so if possible, think about having cash for your potential purchases in case of problems.

The registration opens from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on Friday. On Saturday morning, starting at 08:30am, and starting at 09:00am on Sunday. For latecomers, you will be able to get registered at our shop all weekend long. 

To register you will need your ID and all your proof of purchase printed or checkable on your phone. No access will be given without an ID. You can’t do the registration for someone else, no exception to this rule. We will give you an access bracelet which will allow you to circulate in the con.

During the weekend, you need to wear your bracelet at all times. You won’t get a second one if you lose or forget it. You will need it to access the event at all times.

!Warning! If you are under 18, you will also need to give us the Parental authorization available on our website here:  

You’ll also need a copy of the ID of the legal guardian who signed it.

WITHOUT THESE DOCUMENTS: The access to the event will be denied, without any refund. Besides, we are not accepting Parental authorization that is not ours.


On Saturday and Sunday the event starts at 09:45am and will end at 7:00pm on Saturday and 6:00pm on Sunday.

The Hell Party will start at 8:00pm


A lunch break is scheduled for approximately 60 minutes. The Hilton will put snacks stands with: sandwiches, paninis, salads, fresh beverages, desserts… A menu will cost you around €13 for « a panini, a beverage and a dessert », there will also be a « hot meal » formula with pasta and a sauce of your choice.


The « Hell » Saturday Dinner & Party will start at 8:00pm (be on time ;))

Dinner/buffet is included in your party access.

Actors will attend for a minimum of 1hour, they will go to each table to chat with you! Our photographer will be there to take pictures of this moment; personal photos and videos are strictly forbidden.

You will be a maximum of 7 people per table. 

4 tables will have a translator french/english, other tables will be fully in english. We advise you to arrive in advance to pick up your table.


A Karaoke moment will take place after the dinner party so at around 9:30pm, every attendee is welcomed. No access pass needed. Actors are invited to attend as well, but not confirmed.


You will get the complete schedule of the weekend while you do the registration.

The time for your extras isn’t random, you will be called by rows and be able to follow directly how it goes on the big screen of the panel room, a team of staff will accompany and guide you.

Thank you for respecting this to avoid delaying the schedule.

You also need to respect the day you got for your extras.

Staff will be in charge of controlling and respecting these times, if you do not respect this, your extra might be canceled.


People having a meeting room will be drived by a member of our team. You will have to be at the « Meeting Point » (on the right of the stage) 15 minutes before your Meeting starts and your guide will make sure you have priority at the photo ops you might have at the same time. Please make sure you follow these instructions and your guide 🙂 Don’t go to your photo’ops without your guide under any circumstances if you have a Meeting! No refund or replacement will be processed if you don’t follow these instructions.


The panels are a time for questions and answers with the audience, you are invited to ask your questions, this is however not a time for long declarations but you can use the autograph sessions for this.


Due to the sanitary situation still pretty unstable, please really think about simple poses and avoid accessories. 

We are reminding you that you are not authorized to resell or exchange your extras.


Gifts can be offered during the autograph only.


We are reminding you it’s strictly forbidden to film, either during panels, photo ops, autographs, panels or in the hallways. It’s also forbidden to take pictures of the actors if they are not on stage or during the private session. Sanctions will apply: at the second time during a panel, you will be excluded from this panel. At the third time during the weekend, you will be excluded from all panels of the weekend.

At the second time filming or taking pictures during photo ops, autographs or in the hallways, your extras will be cancelled without refund.


In addition of the printed version you will get at the convention, the digital version of your pictures will be available at our shop, you will have to fill a form and all your pictures will be send in HQ per email so you can print these on posters, or simply if you do not own a scanner and want your pictures on your computer. Digital versions will be sent according to your pass.


If you want an additional version of your printed photo op, it’s available at our shop for €5.

Approved autograph pictures will be available from €3 to €5 starting Friday at our shop. 

You will also get an exclusive A3 poster for free with all the actors included.

This is now the last week of preparation for us, we have a lot of work and we hope you will understand we won’t be as much available on social medias or by email.

If you have any additional questions, you will find a lot of answers in the « Free Tour » section here:  

See you very soon for this fifth edition!

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