Mark Sheppard will be with us at DarkLight Con 5 as Misha Collins can’t attend

Good evening everyone,

We are coming back to you following the cancellation of Misha Collins. We are really excited to announce that Mark Sheppard didn’t hesitate for a second to come and meet you once again in Paris! He answered in only a few minutes and is already looking forward to being with us.

To be completely transparent with you, we wanted to propose at least two guests as replacements, unfortunately, Felicia Day is shooting and Alexander Calvert has projects that he can’t cancel for the moment. He let us know that he would try to do his best to free himself, unfortunately, it seems already complicated if not impossible. Felicia also let us know her disappointment and would like to come back on a next edition.

Concerning Misha’s extras, please read carefully the indications below:

If you had a meeting room, you can get a voucher of the same amount or be refunded.

If you had a photo AND an autograph two possibilities:

– Your photo and autograph are replaced by a photo + autograph of Mark Sheppard + a duo photo of your choice.


– You can ask for a voucher of a total value of 225€ (195€ + 30€ offered) on the ticketing.

If you had a photo :

– You can replace it with a Mark S photo + a photo and an autograph of the guest you want (Sunday only)


– Ask for a voucher worth 135€ (115€ + 20€ offered) on the ticketing.

If you had an autograph :

– It can be replaced by Mark S + a photo of your choice (Sunday only)


– Ask for a voucher of 95€ (80€ +15€ offered) on the ticketing.

If you had a duo photo with Misha :

– You can change by the replacement duet with Mark S + another duo of your choice


– Ask for a voucher worth 170€ (150€ + 20€ offered) on the ticketing.

It is also possible to ask for the refund of all your extras (except Hell Party, private session, and group photo) with Misha by simple request by email.

If you have a VIP pass, contact us, and we will see on a case by case basis what we can propose according to your preferences and the possibilities that will be offered to us.

The deadlines being extremely short, thank you to write us by email to before Tuesday 04/10 at 11:59pm with your choice.

We know that this edition has so far been difficult for you and for us, but we know that we will have a great weekend with you!

Have a good evening,

The People Conventions team