The Happy Ending Con’ and the DarkLight Con are postponed to 2021

Hello everyone,

As promised, we’re coming back to you with news now that we received an answer from the consulate. They have allowed the actors to travel by way of derogation so the events could still take place this year. However, given you feedback and the current conditions in which we would have to have the event, we have agreed with the agents to postpone both the DarkLight Con’ and The Happy Ending Con’ to next year. Here are the new dates : the DLC will take place from June 11 to 13, 2021, and THEC from April 30 to May 2, 2021.

Regarding the guest lists, all the actors announced for the DLC have confirmed their presence, except for Kim, Briana and Ruth, who we are still waiting on. All the actors announced for THEC have confirmed their presence as well.  

As a reminder, here are your options:

  • You want to come to the event in 2021: you have nothing to do and we’ll send you new tickets.
  • You can’t or won’t come anymore:
    => You can resell your pass (under some conditions, you can find them on our social media or send us an email at 
    => You can send an email to to ask for a credit which will be valid for 18 months. If not used after that, the total amount of the credit will be refunded.

You have until January 31, 2021, to ask for your credit. We will do an update at the beginning of next year on the health crisis and the conditions resulting from it so you can make your decision really knowing your options.

As we have said before on the groups and on our social media, postponing events such as ours in France when the government still allows them is not an easy thing. We really hope the health situation is better in 2021 but nothing is certain with the Coronavirus… For this reason, if the situation is not back to normal by then, we should be able to open the convention on Friday as well to have fewer people in the rooms. Other measures will also be put into place but we hope it won’t come to that.

We apologize for making you wait so long for answers but, as we said it before, it was not only our decision.

Just like you, we are looking forward to doing conventions again as we know and love them. But for now, with the number of attendees of the DLC and the THEC, it simply was not an option. Therefore, in the meantime, it is time for online cons! Many of you asked for it and we are very happy to announce that online conventions dedicated to Supernatural and Once Upon A Time will take place this year. We are currently in talks with the agents so we can give you the best prices possible, which would be much more accessible than in the USA for instance.

As we all already had marked the dates on our calendars for November 7 and 8, and November 21 and 22, we thought that even though it is not as we planned it… we should still do the conventions! SPN Family, we’ll see you November 7 and 8 for a brand new online con! As for the Oncers, we’ll see you November 21 and 22, online and in the comfort and safety of your homes. Regarding the guest lists, many guests already announced should be there. We will be able to tell you more soon.

In the meantime, take care of you and your loved ones.

We’ll see you soon,

The People Convention Team